Dreamcatcher Cabins

The combined effort of The Little Hut Co and our client in Scotland we have created four glamping pods boasting incredible views, eco features and locally sourced materials.

Located near Aberfoyle these Dreamcatcher cabins have been built on elevated decks in a dense woodland, each offering a varied view across the woodlands and beyond. Each cabin measures approximately 3.6m x 3m and has a covered deck of the same size.

Fitting perfectly with its environment and local area alike, wood has been used in its natural form for the skirtings and roundwood piles inside and out. Exterior timbers and cladding came from the surrounding woodland, and each tree felled for the cabins was used for handrails.

The outside decking has been made into a feature living area. It includes an outside insulated bath, a wood burner, a leather sofa, a small cooking station with cooker and cool box, and a small washing up sink.

Moving inside, equally as much thought and time has gone into these cabins. Each cabin features a double bed with built in storage and en-suite bathroom with compositing long drop toilet, basin and shower. They all have mains water and are fully insulated and heated for the winter months with a propane hot air system, which is located under the decking. Cabins are mainly off grid but run off a solar system for lighting and phone charger.

Although The Little Hut Co built the cabins, much of the exterior work, such as the landscaping and decks, was done by the client as they wanted to be involved with the design and building process. They also assisted with the woodland paths that lead through the trees to the cabins from the private parking next to the road.