Here at The Little Hut company we use only the best materials and try to use materials that are eco friendly. We always try to reduce our carbon footprint and recycle our waste where possible.

We try to use eco friendly insulation if we are building using a tradional frame. We mainly use two type of insulation

The first being sheeps wool. We use Thermafleece Which is from British sheeps wool.

Research shows that using 75% wool in combination with recycled fibres outperforms alternative products with a higher percentage of wool.  Their wool rich blend ensures you get the full benefit of sheep’s wool with enhanced performance, durability and sustainability. It is also long-lasting, safe to handle and contributes to a healthier indoor environment by regulating moisture and absorbing harmful airborne substances in the home.

The 2nd natural insulation is SupaSoft from Thermafleece. This has been manufactured out of nearly all recycled plastic bottles and 100% from recycled polyester. The environmentally friendly 100% recycled polyester has no harmful chemicals, binders or adhesives. The non-woven open material allows water vapour to pass through to the insulation, allowing a long-life where it’s installed.